New poster for The Raven comes rapping on your chamber door

While news just broke that the film has been delayed until April, that didn't stop Relativity Media from releasing this brand new (and extremely effective!) poster. Have to admit that I really like the design, even though I wouldn't mind seeing a little bit of the poem incorporated into the marketing.

While the film's going to be using a fictionalized version of the last days of Edgar Allan Poe's life, the real story is still unclear. Various reports have the famous poet dying from everything from being beaten up to suicide to rabies... so perhaps tracking down a serial killer who was inspired by his work is not so far off.

Then there was the strange case of the man dubbed the "Poe Toaster" who had been showing up at Poe's grave on his birthday every year since the 1940s, laying down three roses and toasting the grave with a glass of cognac. He hasn't showed up for the last three years, though, and that mystery will likely live on as well.

Fitting for Poe to have all these mysteries surrounding him even in death, but the delay of the release date likely just means that Relativity was scared off by splitting its audience with JOHN CARTER on March 9th.  THE RAVEN will now hit April 27th.

Extra Tidbit: Edgar Allan Poe spent some time in my hometown of The Bronx, and you can still take take a tour of his cottage.
Source: EW



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