New poster for Tim Burton's Frankenweenie will shock you!

Tim Burton's stop-motion animated film FRANKENWEENIE unveiled their new motion poster today via Facebook and it looks pretty sweet. Click the image to go to the page and see it in action (you have to Like the page in order to see it) and check out a still shot below:

I love stop-motion animation and Tim Burton has delivered some top notch work along with his collaborators with NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS and CORPSE BRIDE. FRANKENWEENIE is based on Burton's original live action featurette of the same name, which was made in 1984 and resulted in him being fired from Disney for "wasting company resources" on something that was "too scary for young audiences." 

Wow.  How the times have changed.

Here's the synopsis from IMDB:

When young Victor's pet dog Sparky (who stars in Victor's home-made monster movies) is hit by a car, Victor decides to bring him back to life the only way he knows how. But when the bolt-necked "monster" wreaks havoc and terror in the hearts of Victor's neighbors, he has to convince them (and his parents) that despite his appearance, Sparky's still the good loyal friend he's always been.

FRANKENWEENIE is reanimated on October 5, 2012

Extra Tidbit: Aside from the above mentioned stop-motion animated films, I'm also a huge fan of Fantastic Mr. Fox, Coraline, and am jazzed for Paranorman later this year. stop-motion for the win!
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