New poster unleashed for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre prequel Leatherface

TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE is a classic, its low-budget and grungy aesthetic helping to sell the reality and brutality of the horror inflicted on the characters. In fact, there actually isn't a lot of blood and gore in the original film (contrary to popular belief), and while there is indeed some blood, most of the effect is through sound design alone.

However, none of the sequels or remakes have ever really been able to capture the magic of the original. The Tobe Hooper-directed sequel was fun and bonkers (ending with a chainsaw fight!), and the 2003 remake had its moments, but most are just disposable garbage. Either too silly, slick, or grotesque to be able to really evoke what made the original so unnerving and everlasting.

Will the new prequel LEATHERFACE, which for some reason is yet another convoluted origin story, be able to compare? Who knows, but the new poster at least looks neat:

Reminds me of a CD cover for some metal band I'd listen to in high school. That's not a knock, I actually like it. I just doubt the film itself will live up to it. But who knows? I'd like to be wrong.

Meanwhile LEATHERFACE will slice up a theater near you October 20th, just in time for Halloween!

Extra Tidbit: I owned and loved the soundtrack for the 2003 TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE remake...even though barely any of the songs were in the film itself.



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