New Power Rangers outfits are different from what you'd remember

power rangers

Change is inevitable. 

The longer you try to deny that, the more disappointment you're going to run into throughout your life. 

Nostalgia has crippled some to a degree that they only want things one way - the way they always were. They can't handle change. 

They're not going to deal with the new Power Rangers outfits well. 

A solid close-up of the new gear gives us a pretty good look at what Lionsgate has in store for us with Dean Israelite's reboot, and it certains doesn't look too much like the Power Rangers costumes from yesteryear. They're definitely more modern. They're a bit shinier. They're much more detailed, and they look like someone gave the go-ahead to spend a good deal of money on them, so they might look good on the big screen. 

They're not bad. They're just different. 

Time to start getting used to them, and we'll see how they play within the new vision for POWER RANGERS next year. Otherwise, it's going to be a long few months ahead of you.

POWER RANGERS opens on March 24, 2017.

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Source: USA Today



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