New promo videos for Iron Man 3 shows off all of Tony Stark's suits of armor

Not too long ago several images were released of the wide variety of suits that will appear in IRON MAN 3. There were six total and during a stop in Bejing during the film's world press store those same suits (as well as some previous suits) were shown off in a series of snazzy new promo videos.  The videos were created by artist Kaism Lim and you can check out some of his other work here. There's also some images from the video as well so you can get a closer look at the suits.

Mark 1

Mark 7

Mark 17

Mark 33

Mark 35

Mark 38

Mark 39

Mark 40

Mark 42

Clearly from the trailers we know Tony Stark is going to have a bunch of shiny new suits to play with and since most of the suits have their own unique purpose it has been a lot of fun guessing why certain ones are in IRON MAN 3 and discussing which suits we want to see make an appearance.

Having this many suits in the movie also means there's going to be even more toys than normal for a film like IRON MAN 3 and buckets of cash for Disney and Marvel. Toys 'R Us has a Hall of Armor display set up in Times Square and the sheer amount of Iron Man figures is staggering. Take a look at this impressive set below and you can see more images from the Hall of Armor display on the Iron Man Facebook page.

IRON MAN 3 is in theaters May 3rd, 2013.

Iron Man 3 Figures

Extra Tidbit: I have a bunch of action figures but there's only a few I still keep inside of their packages. I'd much rather have them in action poses on my mantle. Do you have a small collection of figures and if so which one is your favorite?



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