New Red Cliff teaser

After PAYCHECK, I kind of wished director John Woo would go back to China and make some movies on his home soil, because his Hollywood efforts were growing increasingly deplorable.

Fortunately it seems like he thought the same thing, so he returned to Hong Kong for RED CLIFF, his epic (and expensive) historical war movie set in the final days of the Han Dynasty in 3rd century China. The story involves an unlikely alliance between two kingdoms to oppose the armies of Emperor Han and Prime Minster Cao, culminating in the famous massive conflict at Red Cliff. Following in the tradition of Woo's HARD BOILED, this apparently also involves an infant in jeopardy.

The film reportedly will be released overseas as a pair of 2-hour movies, while the philistines in America will get one condensed action-loaded 2.5 hour deal. Either way, feast your oculars on the new Japanese teaser below.

Red Cliff

Extra Tidbit: Chow Yun-Fat was originally attached to RED CLIFF, then dropped out, returned, and dropped out again
Source: Twitch



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