New Regency comes aboard to finance Darren Aronofsky's planned Noah's Ark film

Darren Aronofsky has been working on a Noah's Ark project since 2006 and he's one step closer to making it a reality today as New Regency has come aboard to co-finance the ambitious project. As I'm sure you remember, Aronofsky had been all set to direct Hugh Jackman in THE WOLVERINE before commitments to his family forced him to pull out. Now Aronofsky looks set to make NOAH his next project.

There were a number of studios looking to bid on Aronofsky's project but with New Regency aboard it's looking increasingly likely that Fox, home to New Regency and the last two of Aronofsky's films, will get the rights.

Aronofsky penned an earlier draft of the film but has recently been working with John Logan (THE AVIATOR, GLADIATOR) on a new shooting script. The director has also been working with Canadian artist Nico Henrichon on some comic art for the film to help shop the project and give studios an idea of what he's looking for (at the current time the budget is quoted as being around $130 million).

I'll always be excited to see what Aronofsky is up to next, but his aborted WOLVERINE will be one of the biggest superhero "What Ifs" since the BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN film that never happened. Check out some brief animated storyboards from NOAH below to get an idea what Aronofsky and crew are up to.

Source: Variety



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