Updated: New Resident Evil: Final Chapter teaser released

UPDATE: Apparently, this was a fan-made trailer. Who knew?? Pretty convincing. You can see the REAL new trailer BELOW...- PS

We all know anytime a horror franchise says "Final Chapter" in its title, it's bullshit, right? FRIDAY THE 13TH, NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, SAW, CHILDREN OF THE CORN...all of them tried it. Lying about having a final chapter seems to be a horror series mainstay. It's like the fifteen or so "final tours" the Rolling Stones pulled, getting everyone to see them "one last time" before the band saw all the money they had made, and being like "maybe we can afford the blood of more children to keep us alive and go on tour again".

So the RESIDENT EVIL series is trying to pull the same shit, and judging by how much Milla Jovovich looks like she hasn't aged since FIFTH ELEMENT from back in '97, she might be bathing in children's blood as well. Anyway, New York Comic-Con released a new teaser trailer for RESIDENT EVIL: FINAL CHAPTER, so we'll see how "final" this chapter really is:

Meh. Not terrible, but also not really great either. It seems to be hitting a lot of the same beats from the previous films, since they all kind of blur together. Though, full disclosure, I stopped watching after the third one because I felt it went off-the-rails with how different it was from the source material. Did it get better? Judging by this trailer I'd assume not.

But the films do have their fans, and that's cool. It is about a hot chick killing zombies with kung-fu, guns, and explosions. So hopefully at least you guys got a kick out of this trailer! 

The film will be shambling into theaters January 27, 2017, which...is not a good sign. But we'll see.

So what do you guys think? And what's best/worst videogame movies?

Extra Tidbit: George Romero was originally tapped by Capcom to write and direct the RESIDENT EVIL movie, who wrote notes for the screenplay while he watched his kid play the second game. Capcom hated his treatment though (ironically due to deviations he made to the lore) and fired him.
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