New Rise of the Guardians featurette shows off Alec Baldwin's North (Santa Claus)

Rise of the Guardians gold title

Yesterday I voiced my suspicion that I'd be running these all week, and here I am, definitely proving that suspicion correct with a new featurette from RISE OF THE GUARDIANS that showcases the Alec Baldwin-voiced guardian of Santa Claus.  Though in the world of RISE OF THE GUARDIANS, they call the jolly old fellow North.

Taking the track that the story of Santa means something different depending on where you are in the world, the featurette spends its energy primarily explaining how each of the disparate elements that make up the rendition seen in RISE OF THE GUARDIANS come together to represent those different versions seen the world over.  It covers the how and why Santa came to have a Russian accent plus tattoos plus mad sword skills and so on, and works well enough for a quick and clean brush off of the question "how did this being come to be in the way that he is" without getting too complicated.

Towards the end of the featurette, North bellows "this is going to be epic!" For the sake of all of us who have to see this that aren't the children the movie is primarily aimed at, I sincerely hope that it is.

Extra Tidbit: Just one more guardian (with a voice) left to look forward to on the morrow: Tooth, as voiced by Isla Fisher. Though I'm still a bit creeped out by the scaly-faerie aesthetic the animators have got going on for her.
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