New Rise of the Guardians featurette shows off Chris Pine's Jack Frost

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Dreamworks Animation has released a new featurette for the upcoming flick RISE OF THE GUARDIANS detailing the character of Jack Frost, and in the process shows off what is going to be a fun-enough, if predictable, character arc for the Chris Pine-voiced hero.  Seemingly a mix somewhere between Disney's version of Peter Pan and Pine's version of Captain Kirk, Jack Frost is the quintessential innocent mischief maker with an attitude to back it up.

Here's my view on RISE OF THE GUARDIANS - we haven't seen much in any of the advertising that deals with Jude Law's villainous character Pitch, and I'm hoping that's because what he does during the movie is too dark (pun intended?) for advertising purposes.  Basically what I'm saying is that I selfishly hope the movie has something more to it than the advertising has suggested, because I wouldn't mind being surprised with some elements of twisted and nightmarish evil on top of what already looks like a fun enough flick.

RISE OF THE GUARDIANS arrives with the hopes of receiving far from a chilly reception in less than one month's time on November 21st.

Plot recap: RISE OF THE GUARDIANS is an epic and magical adventure that tells the story of Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy, the Sandman, and Jack Frost - legendary characters with previously unknown extraordinary abilities. When an evil spirit known as Pitch lays down the gauntlet to take over the world, the immortal Guardians must join forces to protect the hopes, beliefs and imagination of children everywhere.

Extra Tidbit: On a scale of 1-10, how cool (heh) is Jack Frost?
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