New Riverdale season 2 trailer shows off more blood and Molly Ringwald!

I remember when RIVERDALE was first announced, I was right alongside everyone else shitting on it, making fun of turning the light-hearted Archie comics into a dark, lurid teen murder mystery. Basically, it was like a not-even-particularly clever ROBOT CHICKEN sketch (basically, a ROBOT CHICKEN sketch). How could this show possibly be any good?

Well I'm eating my Jughead-crown hat right now, because I was definitely wrong. Sure RIVERDALE is dumb, ridiculous, and probably shouldn't exist - but it's also fun, engrossing, and well-acted. Rather than be a parody, or a show where the character's only share the names with their comic counterpart, RIVERDALE actually seems to love and understand what makes these characters tick. Archie is still the well-meaning lunkhead, Bettie is still the goody-two-shoes cheerleader, and Veronica is still the worldly rich girl. The differences then is all contextual (how would these characters exist in modern day, dealing with a murder) rather than wholesale change. And that - alongside all the fun Archie comics easter eggs - are what makes all the difference.

Also season 2 promises to be bloodier and offer more Molly Ringwald, so that's a plus too!

Meanwhile, season 2 of CW's RIVERDALE will premiere October 11th.

Extra Tidbit: I wonder how that "Louis CK plays older Archie" movie would've turned out?
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