New Road poster

It's almost time for the release of THE ROAD coming to theaters on November 25th.

I feel like I've been waiting forever on this movie. It could not come out soon enough. A few people have already seen it, one of them being Chris Bumbray. He explains in his review that he can see why the Weinsteins were waiting for the right moment to release the film. ROAD proves itself to be quite challenging, and Chris hopes it doesn't get sold as MAD MAX meets Terrence Malick.

It does make sense to wait, but it could be somewhat of a gamble. Could they have waited too long for the general public to still be interested? I know most of you are still hanging on but as some of my favorite rabid movie fans, a lot of you were pissed about it being pushed back.

Well, I'm going to stop bitching about all that and get to the poster. I am not really a fan of this one. The first two that were put out were actually better. They gave more of the dark post-apocalyptic feeling. Click to see the full view.

Extra Tidbit: For my avid readers, which Cormac McCarthy book do you enjoy the most?
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