New rockin' trailer for Bryan Singer's Jack The Giant Slayer arrives

A new trailer for Bryan Singer's JACK THE GIANT SLAYER has arrived and it's probably the best one yet.  For me, that's not saying much, as I haven't really been impressed until now.  Taking a more "rockin" approach in it's music and a more action-y approach to its editing, this new trailer actually makes it seem like the film will deliver on the adventure it keeps promising.  I like Bryan Singer, if for no other reason than his passion for the material he tackles, from X-MEN to SUPERMAN to Kaiser Soze, he usually puts it all out there, even if it doesn't always take.  Ewan McGregor is a welcome addition to any film and Nicholas Hoult is coming off a hit with WARM BODIES, so who knows? Perhaps this could pull out a win.

Take a look:

Much more fun than the others, right? The onslaught of fantasy/fairytale-themed films is certainly cooking right now, but I think between this and the upcoming OZ THE GREAT AND POWERFUL, we'll see if the genre can hold it's footing.  They're in capable hands, but it will take more than pretty effects to keep them affloat.

JACK THE GIANT SLAYER, starring the aforementioned Hoult and McGregor, as well as Stanley Tucci, Bill Nighy, Warwick Davis, Ian McShane, and Eleanor Tomlinson, is set to debut on March 1, 2013.

Extra Tidbit: Does this new trailer sway you in the film's favor or do you still feel the same?
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