New Rough Night trailer coins the term "friend-ipede"

I'm actually glad that we're getting more female-oriented comedies that aren't strictly "rom-coms" or "chick flicks" (even though I enjoy films in both those categories as well). It's just nice to see a raunchy, dark comedy starring women. And while this isn't the first raunchy-female led comedy (and most certainly won't be the last), I still appreciate how dark the plot gets. I mean, it's about women trying to hide the fact they killed a male stripper in a madcap VERY BAD THINGS/WEEKEND AT BERNIE'S mash. I'm all in.

Anyway, a new trailer has just surfaced, showing a lot of new footage, like Jillian Bell getting the friends to do a "friend-ipede" pose. Let's take a look:

Again, love the cast (Kate McKinnon seems especially unhinged in this one), and with the "dead stripper" plot, I actually don't exactly know where the plot is headed. Hell, there doesn't even seem to be a male romantic lead in this one (which would be refreshing - though, to be be fair, it might just that there's not enough time to fit that in the trailer). Either way, I've heard good things, and am definitely looking forward to it!

Meanwhile, ROUGH NIGHT will party into theaters June 16th, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: This is the first trailer I realized Kate McKinnon is supposed to be Australian in this.
Source: YouTube



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