New trailer for Season 5 of CW's Arrow released

So ARROW isn't a show I've kept up on. I've seen a few episodes, thought it was okay, but nothing special. But I know it has its fans (like my friend who's pissed he can't talk ARROW with me), and judging by this trailer I can now see why:

I mean seriously, you got awesome kung-fu fighting, some actually decent costumes (especially for a TV - and especially a CW - budget), and some nice 'splosions for good measure. It's maybe not enough to get me to devote the time to watch all four seasons leading up to this (still gotta catch up on FULLER HOUSE), but at least my friend now sounds a bit less crazy.

Though the plot looks crazy! Holy shit! Is that a female Green Arrow? Is Amell playing Casey Jones in this too? Or is that Jason Vohrhees in a bizarre crossover? And why is he called "Arrow" and not "Green Arrow"? So many questions. Hopefully they'll be answered when Season 5 of ARROW premieres on CW October 5th, 2016.

Extra Tidbit: In the '70s the bleeding heart Green Arrow and conservative Green Lantern went on a cross-country adventure in a socially-conscious mini-series written by Dennis O'Neil. Where the hell is *that* show?
Source: YouTube



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