New series of awesome Star Wars posters starts with a Gonk

The folks at Mondo have done it again. A little while ago, we showed you what they're doing with their newly acquired Star Trek license; starting a series of excellent artistic posters featuring various Trek movies and episodes.

Well now they’ve acquired the mother of all licenses, and are now doing the same thing with Star Wars. They’re released a bunch of prints from all over the Star Wars universe, the first of which you can see below.

Not content with simply a bunch of standard Vader prints, they’re stretching themselves to pull characters from all over the far, far away galaxy and they’re starting this philosophy out with a poor run-down version of Gonk below.

Click through to buy one over at Mondo.

Extra Tidbit: I bet I could buy one of these, frame it, and convince my girlfriend its modern art. And if she knew what a GNK droid was, I might propose.
Source: Mondo



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