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film ick recently pointed out a link to a Spanish teaser for THE SIMPSONS MOVIE and, even more recently, got an exclusive look at the film's UK teaser. The lack of exclamation point(s) in this article's headline was very much a deliberate, even emphatic if that's possible, omission because a) what new footage there is in the two trailers isn't especially enticing, b) the UK trailer is just a mixture of the most recent US teaser and the content of the Spanish one and c) said UK trailer is in the wrong aspect ratio. Don't get me wrong, though, the new spots do not in any way affect my personal anticipation for the movie, if only because of the fact that it's writing team consists of almost every one of the all-time great Simpsons scribes (no Conan O'Brien, though). You can click HERE to check out the Spanish teaser at YouTube but, if you don't speak the language or you think you'll be thrown off by Homer sounding like Bumblebee Guy, you might as well check out the UK spot HERE at film ick (you'll probably have to download). THE SIMPSONS MOVIE hits theaters July 27th of next year. In the meantime, watch the show because, yes, it's still good.

Extra Tidbit: The character of Vladimir Wolodarsky in Wes Anderson's THE LIFE AQUATIC is named after Wally Wolodarsky, one of the other great Simpsons writers that isn't involved in the movie. He also briefly appears in Anderson's RUSHMORE as a wrestling referee.
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