New slider ad for Colossal lets you turn Anne Hathaway into a kaiju

Man, I can't wait to see COLOSSAL. A mumblecore dramedy that's also a kick-ass kaiju film? Sign me up! And that's not sarcasm (I'm aware it's sometimes hard to tell over the internet), but I genuinely think this is a cool idea. Take someone's personal demons, play it straight, and then use the kaiju as a metaphor for self-destruction and exorcising personal demons. It could be laughable if done wrong, but I have faith in director Nacho Vigalondo (TIMECRIMES).

Anyway, here's a new fun ad where you can turn a cute, dancing Anne Hathaway into a cute, dancing kaiju monster. I've been doing this for last fifteen minutes now. I don't know what that says about my life or lack thereof, but here you go:




You can see Anne Hathaway wreck shit April 2017 (which, to be fair, you could see on the ad itself, but whatevs).

Extra Tidbit: This is the second time Tim Blake Nelson dealt with someone who is also a giant monster, after playing Mr. Blue in THE INCREDIBLE HULK.
Source: Vulture



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