New stills from Machete Kills and Jason Reitman's Labor Day

Both of these films could classify as thrillers though they are much different in tone. New stills from MACHETE KILLS and Jason Reitman's LABOR DAY certainly do a good job of showing this point.

First up is MACHETE KILLS. I don't have to set this one up for you. If you've seen the first one along with the trailers then you know what you're in for. Sofia Vergara is lookin' pretty badass. (via IndieWire)

Next we have LABOR DAY from director/writer Jason Reitman. This one we haven't heard much from. Originally I thought that it was going to be like the other holiday movies so I kind of cringed but when I saw the first photo along with plot details I started cringing for a different reason.

The film, an adaptation of Joyce Maynard’s 2009 novel stars Josh Brolin and Kate Winslet. It centers on "an escaped convict (Brolin) who takes shelter with the mentally fragile, reclusive single-mom Adele (Winslet) and her almost-teenage son (Changling’s Gattlin Griffith) over the course of one long late-summer holiday weekend in the mid-1980s." I feel like if I tell you more it might ruin the dynamic the two have in the film.

Reitman who is used to giving us films with usually have a lighter tone said this about the flick, “There’s no cynicism in this movie. There’s no irony in this movie. This one is dramatic, romantic, and has moments of being a thriller — all new things for me. It felt like making my first movie again.”

Source: EWGotham News



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