New Suicide Squad concept art offers a glimpse at a DCEU Scarecrow

Despite the massive critical and audience backlash towards SUICIDE SQUAD, the movie is now an Oscar winner (best make-up), which is something most comic book movies can’t even say. Still, doesn’t fix the fact it wasn’t the movie everyone wanted. Some wanted so much more from the film, and from the looks of this new concept art for the movie, that’s exactly what we could’ve gotten.

Done by artist Ed Natividad back in 2014, the images depict much more of The Joker, hinting there were probably plans early on to feature him more prominently in the plot. But the most intriguing reveal comes in some design for the famous villain, Scarecrow. The character was not in the final product, but this piece of art indicates the studio was probably considering using the character in the early stages of the production process, before scrapping it. At least one villain got to dodge a bullet.

Take a look for yourself below!

I don’t think having more Joker would’ve made SQUAD a better film, but it certainly would’ve been different. Even the look of Joker is quite different from the final product, the art showing the studio was perhaps flirting with the idea of getting him back into his trademark purple suit, before it was scrapped for some nightclub owner’s attire that Jared Leto was wearing. Eh, oh well, at least it's good to know the guy likes Happy Meals like the rest of us.

Source: Ed Natividad



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