Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge summer 2019 opening announced in new teaser

Many fans of the Star Wars universe have had their bags packed and ready to go for when the upcoming Galaxy’s Edge attraction opens at Disneyland since the day it was announced. Venturing into space can't be done on a whim, so of course, you need to be prepared. Now you can plan your trip with a more precise timeframe in mind, as a new video has announced when the park will officially open…sort of.

The new video shows several travelers opening the doors of their ship, greeted by the planet Battu. Then words come up on the screen saying the park will open at the Disneyland location (in Anaheim, California) summer 2019, and then at the Disney World version at Hollywood Studios will open a few months later in fall 2019. 

Obviously, there are more specific days and months that we will have to wait on, but from this, we can try to hypothesize when exactly park goers can travel to a galaxy far, far away. For instance, a true act of fan service would be having the park open on May 4, 2019, but that seems unlikely, Toy Story Land will open June of this year, so maybe Galaxy’s Edge will borrow that date for next year. As for the fall release at Disney World, a November opening makes sense, given STAR WARS EPISODE IX fever will be at a peak. As well, it will give engineers a chance to see what does and doesn't work at the Disneyland park so that adjustments can be made at Disney World. 

Described as a “remote frontier outpost,” Galaxy’s Edge covers 14 acres and will offer park goers an immersive, story-driven experience that will allow them to interact with an unseen part of the Star Wars universe. They can interact with alien life forms, peruse the markets, go on adventures in the Millennium Falcon, and even take on the First Order like a Rebellion hero. Basically, you get to be in Star Wars. I think that's worth the price of admission.

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