New Thor: Ragnarok Blu-ray trailer teases Team Darryl, gag reel & more

As awesome as BLACK PANTHER is or how much we’re anticipating INFINITY WAR, there’s a small chance filmgoers will have a much fun with a Marvel movie as they did with THOR: RAGNAROK. Endlessly funny,  colorful, action-packed and delightfully strange, RAGNAROK embraces everything that makes a comic book movie fun. The upcoming Blu-ray will let you enjoy the madness over and over again, and you may get just as much entertainment out of the special features. The new trailer for the home release teases a bevy of glorious goodies, including the gag reel, tons of deleted scenes, and the highly-anticipated Team Darryl short, this time featuring the Grandmaster himself, Jeff Goldblum.

Anyone itching to watch these special features can buy the digital version of the movie now, or, if you're a collector, you can wait another two weeks to grab the Blu-ray copy of the movie. As much as I want to wait for the Blu-ray I'm dying to see how the living situation works out between Darryl and Grandmaster. Has Darryl walked in on any weird, tentacle sex parties? Does Grandmaster ever do the dishes? The mystery is killing me!

THOR: RAGNAROK hits Digital today and Blu-ray March 6!

Source: Marvel Studios



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