New Thor: Ragnarok video explores the silliness of Taika Waititi

Audiences walked away from THOR: RAGNAROK not only loving the new direction their favorite God of Thunder (Chris Hemsworth) was taken in, but also with serious spleen eruptions from laughing too hysterically. The movie owes a great deal of its success and fantastic reviews to the barrage of humor, with Hemsworth utilizing his comedic gifts. We can thank director Taika Waititi for the movie’s abundance of laughs, and a new featurette from the Blu-ray delves into the director’s on-set silliness and general oddballery. Take a look at the video and then go about the rest of the day reinvigorated. Waititi has that power.

Saying Taika is a weird bloke is a bit understating things. Not every director walks around set wearing the headpieces of the actors, let alone having impromptu groove sessions. But his playful demeanor is one reason why his movies feel so loose and natural, let alone insanely funny. Look at him, he's having a blast playing with all the props and gadgets. Tell me you wouldn't do the same thing if you were making a big space movie with green rage monsters and a god who shoots sparkles out of their hands?

THOR: RAGNAROK hits Blu-ray and DVD March 6, and on Digital February 20.

Source: Marvel



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