New Tintin image lurks in the Uncanny Valley

I haven't quite understood the premise behind using motion capture for a movie where humans could easily be playing the parts themselves. It's been exceedingly creepy when Robert Zemeckis has done it in THE POLAR EXPRESS and A CHRISTMAS CAROL and I hoped it might be a little better via Spielberg in TINTIN, but I'm starting to think that won't be the case.

The first trailer purposefully avoided showing very many faces, including Tintin's own (only for a brief second) but now with this new official image, we can get a better look at him.

First impression? Well, he kind of looks like a creepy CGI man-boy if you ask me. I get that this helps them stay close to the original art, but I definitely don't think this is going to be the film to pull us out of Uncanny Valley. If anything, it might even dig deeper.

I suppose I should reserve judgment until I can see it all fully unrestricted in motion, but it looks a bit iffy so far. What do you think of the animation of TINTIN? Click on the picture to enlarge.

Extra Tidbit: I did love these books, so I hope the movie turns out.
Source: Animate



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