New title and director for Channing Tatum's Magic Mike 2

Unfortunately, MAGIC MIKE 2 won't be subtitled MEATY BOOGALOO or TASTE THE MAGIC. The Playlist is reporting the sequel will now be called MAGIC MIKE XXL, and a director has been found as well.

Channing Tatum had previously talked about potentially directing the new movie, however Greg Jacobs will helm MAGIC MIKE XXL. Jacobs has worked with Steven Soderbergh (who is still executive producing the sequel) for years, producing/and or assistant directing most of his films, including the first MAGIC MIKE. Jacobs was also behind the camera for 2004's CRIMINAL starring John C. Reilly and Maggie Gyllenhaal, and 2007's WIND CHILL with Emily Blunt.

An official announcement about the new title and Greg Jacobs hasn't been made yet, but one will likely happen very soon. Production should begin sometime this fall. Most of the original cast will be back, but The Wrap says there aren't any deals in place yet, and some characters might not return for the sequel.

Greg Jacobs should do just fine directing the sequel. but will MAGIC MIKE XXL have the same uh, magic as the first? Most would probably agree the movie ended up being better than expected, however that doesn't necessarily mean they want to see another movie. I'm a little interested in MAGIC MIKE XXL, even if I'm not dying to see Channing Tatum getting into more sexy stripper shenanigans.

Source: The Playlist



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