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Bored with Facebook? Confused by Twitter? Just want to talk movies with like-minded folks? Then Movie Fan Central is the place for you. Yeah, there's a lot of "social" sites out there competing for your attention and it can get a bit annoying. That's actually one of the reasons MFC was created; to get away from the noise of sites that cater to anything and everything, narrowing our focus to what we love the most; movies!

So, why the hell should you sign up for yet another social media site? Well, for one, MFC ties directly to our site, JoBlo.com, as well as Arrow in the Head and Movie Hotties, so you can get all your movie news and social networking in one place. Additionally, you have a TON of awesome options to make it feel right at home. So, without further ado, scroll down and...


MAIN PAGE - Here you can see the most up-to-date status updates from members, latest photos added by members, top news stories on the main site, a listing of our most active members, a roster of the latest blogs, lists, reviews, and discussions, as well as community lists!

REVIEWS - You can post your own reviews for any film in our database, giving it a ranking, adding photos, and allowing comments so you can interact with members who read them!

FRIENDS - If you're looking for like-minded movie fanatics, you'll definitely find them on MFC. You can easily track all your friends and place them into categories so you can remember who's who as you meet new folks. For those looking to get into deep discussions and share their passion on all types of films, you'll be hard pressed to find a cooler batch of people to do that with than here.

BUILD YOUR BLU-RAY/DVD COLLECTION - You can build and track your personal Blu-Ray/DVD collection on the site as well, cataloguing and updating as you go, designating format and your personal score for each flick!

SHARE COOL PICS, GIFS, and VIDEOS - You can share cool pictures you find around the net, from cool art, movie posters, celebrities, hot chicks/dudes, and personal images. In addition, you can share cool/funny/hot gifs, which always make for a good time. I've personally gotten a good laugh out of some of the ones posted on MFC. Definitely some of the best around. You can also embed videos from You Tube!

LEVEL UP - You can earn "badges" which will display at the top of your profile next to your username, as well as earn a disignator for the amount of posts you put up, going from Infant Schmoe all the way up to The King Of All Schmoes! You can earn these cool little things by posting a certain number of blogs, lists, images, reviews, and videos (example below).

COMMUNITY CONTESTS & ACTIVITIES - MFC can be quite traditional and we love that! From having a "theme" day to posting about a certain movie, celeb, filmmaker, etc., there's a lot of fun to be had when everyone comes together to celebrate a specific topic. In addition, we also have our own contests on the site, that go hand-in-hand with the MFC, including our annual Halloween Costume Contest, our Oscar Prediction Contest, and of course, our annual movie awards, The Golden Schmoes! We also have a great group of MFC ladies that put together an annual calendar called The Girls of MFC, which is truly awesome. Check 'em out below!

CUSTOMIZE - There's plenty to make your own here, including your own profile picture, naturally, as well as a host of background "skins" from a variety of films to choose from, which you can change up anytime you want. Some of them include: THE AVENGERS, GAME OF THRONES, ALIENS, DREDD, DIE HARD, HALLOWEEN, DRIVE, THE EXPENDABLES, JURASSIC PARK, MARVEL, DC, LEON (aka THE PROFESSIONAL), SIN CITY, GHOSTBUSTERS, JAWS, SNAKE PLISSKEN, THE MATRIX, THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY, STAR WARS, THE WALKING DEAD, and more! Check out some examples below...

RULES? SAY WHAT? - Yep, believe it or not, this is not a free-for-all community. We do not allow hateful messages, racism, homophobic crap, nudity, threats, or otherwise violations of any laws whatsoever. No direct insults among members either. While we may not catch everything right away, our goal is to keep the place respectable and fun, devoid of bridge-dwelling creatures who typically take the fun out of a place like this.

FAQ - We have an excellent FAQ to help guide you through the MFC, showing you how to do anything and everything, making it an easy transition. Check it out HERE!


You can sign up in two different ways; You can SIGN UP HERE or connect via Facebook by clicking the "Connect with Facebook icon below! It's too easy!


Well, what are you waiting for? Come on in...


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