New trailer and character images for AMC's The Walking Dead season 3

Not only is the Fall movie season kicking off, but also the Fall TV season, which brings some serious heavy hitters these days.  It seems like every time a season ends I'm left wondering what the hell I'm going to do with my life and then, BAM!  A new season starts!  There's plenty hitting the airwaves as the leaves drop, but one of the most anticipated is the third season of AMC's The Walking Dead and today we have a new, short trailer and images to tide you over until the premiere next month.

Kill some zombies...in prison:

Pick a favorite:

I love The Walking Dead and I know a lot of you do, too.  It's had its rough patches in the first two seasons and that could always happen again in the third, but so far they've pulled off a satisfying and kick ass show.  The third season is primed to be the biggest and best, seeing as it's based on the most epic arc from Robert Kirkman's comic.  I'm expecting some shocks and spoils along the way, which makes it that much more fun. 

The Walking Dead season 3 starts hacking up zombies on October 14, 2012 on AMC.

Extra Tidbit: And Michael Rooker's back! With a claw-hand-thing!
Source: Yahoo! TVYou Tube



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