New trailer for Angelina Jolie's First They Killed My Father

The newest directorial effort from Angelina Jolie, FIRST THEY KILLED MY FATHER, is an adaptation of the true life story of Loung Ung, who as a young girl survived the Pol Pot regime by training as a child soldier – all while separated from the rest of her family.  The new trailer for the movie just dropped, and the film itself is shaping up to be Jolie’s most ambitious project yet.

I didn’t care too much for Jolie’s last film, UNBROKEN, which despite making a splash at the box office, failed to live up to the massive Oscar expectations many had for it. Much like another child-solider film Netflix released, the incredible BEASTS OF NO NATION, this film looks visceral in its style and engrossing in its story, and it could make for her best directorial work yet. We won’t know if it is or not until the movie comes out on September 15, but if this movie fails to earn Jolie any more praise as a director, then at least she has the BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN to fall back on.

FIRST THEY KILLED MY FATHER hits Netflix September 15.

Source: Netflix



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