New trailer debuts for CG-animated Smurfs: The Lost Village

So after two mediocre-to-terrible live-action adaptations (save Hank Azaria's performance as Gargamel) where THE SMURFS go to New York and Paris for some reason, they are rebooting the franchise and making an all-CG animated feature with an all-new cast. This includes Danny Pudi as Brainy, Jack McBrayer as Clumsy, Demi Lovato as Smurfette (replacing previous singer-turned-voice actress Katie Perry), and Mandy Patinkin filling in for the late Jonathan Winters as (a more surly) Papa Smurf.

The plot also seems to be about a group of Smurfs leaving Smurf village, but at least they're staying in their world and not going to the "real world" like ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE or FAT ALBERT or some shit. Anyway, here's a new trailer that shows us more from the eponymous "Lost Village":

So, there are girl Smurfs now? I'm not well-versed in SMURFS lore, but isn't Smurfette the only one because she was created to be evil by Gargamel (but betrays him because of the Smurfs innate goodness?) Even the gray girl Smurf in SMURFS 2 was created by Gargamel as well. I'm not complaining - I have no problem with badass female Smurfs kicking ass and taking names. Just wondering if there's any precedent from any purists out there.

However, regardless, the jokes are smurfin' terrible! For example, at one point Brainy's glasses are on his butt as he's saying something, so another Smurf has to quip "That's what I call talking out of your butt". I had to repeat that part of the trailer later, since I was temporarily blinded in pure rage and found everything in my apartment thrashed and broken after hearing that. So I'm definitely conflicted.

Either way, SMURFS: LOST VILLAGE will smurf into theaters April 7th, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: Smurfs once had a NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD episode where Smurfs would turn into evil purple versions of themselves and spread it like a disease.
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