New trailer for Namco's Tekken 7 unleashed

I've always had a thing for fighting games. Something about a large cast of colorful characters, with long and convoluted backstories, using a vast array of flashy over-the-top powers to beat the shit out of each other just...got me. Even if my brother constantly whomped my ass and won't stop mashing buttons!!!! Jesus!!!

Ahem. Anyway, while I was always a MORTAL KOMBAT guy at heart, I also enjoyed me some TEKKEN back in the day. There was no way I wasn't going to love a fighting game where you get to play as a Velociraptor with boxing gloves and a cyborg-samurai with a lightsaber. So it's my pleasure to introduce the new trailer for TEKKEN 7:

Yep. Looks like TEKKEN alright. Goofy characters, over-the-top melodrama, convoluted story...the works. And while a lot of trailer is taken up by cinematics, there is some gameplay footage in there that looks pretty awesome as well. But, most importantly, there's a a little schoolgirl who pulls out a goddamn mini-gun in the middle of battle, and a dude who uses a f*cking rose as a weapon. I definitely have to play this game now.

Anyway, in TEKKEN 7 the fight gets personal (again) June 2nd, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: There was a TEKKEN movie. There's a reason you don't remember it.
Source: YouTube
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