New trailer for NBC's Constantine series teases Doctor Fate appearance

A new trailer for NBC's upcoming Constantine series has landed online, and while it does give us another look at the new show starring Matt Ryan as the occult detective, the trailer also contains a tease for the DC comic book character Doctor Fate. The Helmet of Nabu worn by Doctor Fate is revealed at the 47-48 second mark in the trailer, and I wonder if this means there will be other DC characters appearing on NBC's new series as well.

Check it out:

I've only read a few of the comics, but I don't remember Doctor Fate playing a huge role in Constantine or Hellblazer. If Doctor Fate does make an appearance on Constantine, there's a chance the show might be a part of a larger DC television universe, and won't just be a stand-alone series. I'm just speculating here, however Guillermo Del Toro has talked about wanting to do a Justice League Dark movie with John Constantine, so maybe a few of these characters will instead end up on television series directly connected to Constantine.

I've liked everything I've seen so far for Constantine, and I'm pretty excited there's a chance DC characters who don't appear in the comics might be popping up on NBC's new series. Which characters would you like to see appear on Constantine?

Constantine will premiere on NBC on October 24, 2014.

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