New trailer for Real Steel is nothing you haven't seen before

The new trailer for REAL STEEL, the robot boxing movie starring Hugh Jackman, is now online in preparation of a big theater debut next week with PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN. While it's a new trailer and it's just debuted online, it has a distinctly familiar feel. That's because it's ripping off about 100 other movies.

While it may have giant robots in it, REAL STEEL is essentially just that age-old sports redemption movie. In fact, watching this trailer I was surprised to see how closely it hews to Stallone's OVER THE TOP. There's the precocious, estranged son who's trying to connect with his father. The father was almost a champ ("you coulda been the best!"), but hit hard times and is now a truck driver. The son inspires him to reenter the game and together, as true underdogs, they take on the competition to rekindle their relationship win a title. And Hugh Jackman even wears Stallone's Ray-Bans from COBRA!

Maybe I'm being hard on this movie (it looks like it's made for kids) but I was hoping this would be a little more than it is. Then again it was directed by Shawn Levy, so I'm not entirely surprised. Check out the new trailer below or head to Yahoo! Movies to see it in HD.

Source: Yahoo! Movies



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