New trailer for The Deuce season two teases a sexy, dangerous time in NYC

In the new season of THE DEUCE the sex industry is booming in New York City, but the cops are doing everything they can to bust up everyone’s good time. The new, full trailer for the second season of the acclaimed drama with Maggie Gyllenhaal and James Franco teases the perks and struggles that come with success, proving that the more glitz and glamor there is the more likely someone is going to get thrown down some stairs.

David Simon brought us the show everyone keeps telling you is the greatest series ever, THE WIRE, and with THE DEUCE he proved he still has a knack for creating compelling ensemble dramas set against a seedy environment. Franco and Gyllenhaal turned in some compelling performances in the first season, with the former playing dual roles as twin brothers Vincent and Frankie Martino. I’m excited to see how they continue their character arcs come season two, even if Franco is supporting some questionable hair as Vincent this time around.  

THE DEUCE season two arrives on HBO September 9.

Source: HBO



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