Dominic Cooper is Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond in this new trailer for the mini-series

If anyone watched last night's DOCTOR WHO Christmas special you undoubtedly saw the trailer for BBC America's airing of the mini-series FLEMING: THE MAN WHO WOULD BE BOND starring Dominic Cooper as the creator of James Bond. The series looks to be a mix of action and drama as it gives us a biography of Ian Fleming and how he came to create the iconic character of 007.

Cooper looks suave as the template for Bond and the series looks like the typical drama we have come to expect from British television series in recent years. Cooper has begun building a nice big screen resume and this role should help him as well. The supporting cast is full of well known BBC actors such as Annabelle Wallis, Lara Pulver, Samuel West, Lelsley Manville, Rupert Evans and Anna Chancellor so anglophiles should rejoice with this show.

From the director of the BAFTA®-nominated Road to Guantanamo, Mat Whitecross, Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond captures both the opulence of high society London and the suspense and intrigue behind enemy lines. Through mind-blowing escapades at home and abroad, Fleming risks his life. At the same time, the stakes increase as Fleming faces his own inner demons, battling to breakdown the walls within and open himself to love. His chance encounter with the captivating baroness, Ann O’Neill (Lara Pulver, Sherlock), becomes a passionate affair that shapes both their lives. While Bond fans will spot many a nod to the legendary agent, the series is ultimately a gripping account of a playboy spy and the woman who won his heart.

FLEMING: THE MAN WHO WOULD BE BOND airs on BBC America beginning January 29, 2014.

Source: BBC America



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