New trailer for the Tribe Called Quest documentary Beats, Rhymes & Life is now online

If you love hip hop, then you can't speak on the genre without acknowledging the greatness or significance of A Tribe Called Quest.

A new documentary called BEATS, RHYMES & LIFE: THE TRAVELS OF A TRIBE CALLED QUEST - from actor and first-time director Michael Rapaport! - takes a look back and chronicles the group's inception, their rise, how they shifted the hip hop genre, and how their brand of inspired rhythms and conscious lyricism remain relevant and true even to this day.

Below is the brand new trailer, courtesy of Yahoo! Movies. The documentary already premiered earlier this year at Sundance, and from what I've hear, it's pretty damn honest and great.

BEATS, RHYMES & LIFE: THE TRAVELS OF A TRIBE CALLED QUEST opens in limited release on July 8th.

Synopsis: Having forged a 20-year run as one of the most innovative and influential hip-hop bands of all time, A Tribe Called Quest has kept a generation hungry for more of its groundbreaking music since the group’s much-publicized breakup in 1998. The band shaped a unique sound by wedding jazz-infused musicscapes to Afrocentric rhymes espousing unity and community. Its music became the anthem for cool and broke down barriers for people who had never before connected with hip-hop. In spite of unparalleled artistic success, however, the group encountered pitfalls that eventually caused its tumultuous breakup.

Beats, Rhymes & Life, the feature directorial debut of acclaimed actor Michael Rapaport, documents the inner workings and behind-the-scenes drama that follow the band even today and explores what's next for a group many claim are the pioneers of alternative rap. Rapaport’s passion for his subjects allows them to open up to the camera, resulting in a remarkably honest, emotional portrait that does justice to this seminal band.

Extra Tidbit: Got a favorite Tribe track?
Source: Yahoo! Movies



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