New trailer for The Wolverine has previously unseen footage and a good look at Silver Samurai

The Wolverine

Yesterday we told you there was going to be a new trailer for THE WOLVERINE this morning and as promised here it is to pleasure (or harm) your eyes. Many people (myself included) hoped the trailer would have some new footage and while there is a couple of new shots or additional shots from previously seen footage, there isn't that much that's new about this trailer. You do get a very good look at Silver Samurai who looks pretty damn big in the new trailer.

"Eternity can be a curse. A man can run out of things to live for."

Although you can piece together a bit of the plot based on what some of the cast and crew have said and by watching the trailers, they've still managed to keep a lot of the details for THE WOLVERINE a secret. Unfortunately, I think THE WOLVERINE would benefit if more from the film was shown in the trailers. It's going to be hard for the movie to compete with MAN OF STEEL, PACIFIC RIM and other big summer flicks and so far a lot of people's feelings on the trailers have been mixed.

If THE WOLVERINE isn't a smash hit that obviously doesn't make it a bad film and I do hope James Mangold and Hugh Jackman will give us a solid adventure for Logan in the new movie.

THE WOLVERINE hits theaters on July 26th, 2013.

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