New trailer released for Netflix's dark drama Ozark starring Jason Bateman

So it seems ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT isn't the only Jason Bateman-starring show coming to Netflix. The first show that will star Bateman and hit the streaming service is a dark drama called OZARK about "financial planner Marty Bird, who suddenly relocates from a Chicago suburb to a summer resort community in the Missouri Ozarks, and who must pay off a debt to a Mexican drug lord."

I mean, not going to lie, that logline doesn't wow me. But I like Bateman and co-star Laura Linney, and I've learned to give Netflix the benefit of the doubt (I almost didn't watch STRANGER THINGS because of my distaste of '80s nostalgia overload - though I'm glad I did). Even if it sometimes hurts me (like THE RANCH). Anyway, there's a new trailer out that you can judge for yourself:

It's definitely stylish. I like the blue hue to everything, and while there's not much in the way of plot, it definitely gives off a tense atmosphere. Like I said, I'll definitely give it a chance. But what about you Schmoes? You down for OZARK? Sound off below!

Meanwhile, the first season will begin streaming on Netflix July 21st.

Extra Tidbit: Jason Bateman starred as Michael J. Fox's character's cousin - and main character - in TEEN WOLF TOO.
Source: YouTube



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