New trippy Doctor Strange trailer talks more about the "multi-verse"

I have confessed my love for DOCTOR STRANGE before. While a few of the new trailers have made me slightly less interested (Doctor Strange's personality seems to be a more prickly Tony Stark - which I guess is from the comics, but still), this new one definitely ups the ante. Take a look:

Damn. Seeing those trippy-ass visuals, and seeing how they translated them from those beautiful Steve Ditko drawings is amazing.  And I especially love how they talk about how weird, crazy, and new all this stuff is going to be, and Kevin Feige ending with "and we're not pulling back". Badass.

Not to mention that the trailer directly namedrops the term "multi-verse". For those not well-versed in comics lore, or quantum mechanics I guess, the "multi-verse" is a term used for multiple planes of reality. It's essentially what happens when you see romantic comedies and they watch how one choice would have made everything different - hell, the IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE's entire plot hinges on multiple realities (to a certain extent). Anyway, this opens up a ton of possiblities, including the idea of the Miles Morales Spider-Man swinging into the main MCU alongside Peter Parker the same way he crossed over in the comics. Or Marvel Zombies. Again, the possibilities are endless. 

Hell, I wasn't even really a fan of the character DOCTOR STRANGE (never read his comic-books, and never had a cartoon or previous movie to get acquainted with him) before this, but I'm quickly becoming one. November can't get here soon enough. You guys excited too?

Anyway, DOCTOR STRANGE will fly into theaters November 4th, 2016.

Extra Tidbit: Doctor Strange has a strange cameo in the X-MEN cartoon series in the '90s as a blink-and-you'll-miss-it walk on in a ski resort in the episode "The Dark Phoenix Saga (Part 3)".
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