New TV spot drops for John Wick 2

JOHN WICK 2 is almost upon us! While I was a bit lukewarm to the first film (it just seemed too tropey and familiar in parts, and for someone who's supposedly a "badass boogeyman" that scares even the unscarable, he sure got captured and rescued a lot.) But that's besides the point, because regardless of all that, the action scenes themselves were f*cking stellar, and the sequel seems to be topping that in both scope and style. It also seems to delving deeper into the hitman underworld that was only hinted at in the first film (one of the other bright spots, besides the action).

Anyway, a new TV spot has just been released (though who watches these things on TVs anymore?) for the action sequel. Let's take a look:

While not a lot of new footage (if any) it's still nice to have a reminder every now and then that this awesome movie is coming out soon. It's like an alarm that goes off on your phone, only instead of pressing the snooze button every five minutes, you alternatively go out and kill a bunch of people with your bare hands.

Oh, is that just me?

Either way, JOHN WICK will shoot, punch, and kick his way into theaters (and our hearts) February 10th, 2017 Just in time to be the perfect Valentine's Day date movie! 

Extra Tidbit: Keanu Reeves actually provided the voice for Theodore Logan in the BILL AND TED EXCELLENT ADVENTURES cartoon series.
Source: YouTube



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