New TV spot for Edgar Wright's Baby Driver scored to Mozart

I think it's safe to say that most of us are fans of director Edgar Wright. From his successful collaboration with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost on the "Cornetto Trilogy" of films (SHAUN OF THE DAD, HOT FUZZ, AT WORLD'S END), to his underrated SCOTT PILGRIM, he has definitely carved out a nice genre niche. Now he's trying his hand at a heist film (in fact, the idea of turning ANT-MAN into a heist picture was his idea), and I personally couldn't be more excited.

Anyway, here's a new TV spot giving the project some class with some Mozart. Let's take a look:

Still looks damn fun. And if the reviews are to be believed, I'm not the only one to think so. But what about you Schmoes? You down with what Wright is laying down? Either way, sound off below!

Meanwhile, BABY DRIVER wii revv into theaters June 28th, 2017.

Extra Tidbit: You know, I think SCOTT PILGRIM is probably my favorite Edgar Wright movie. What about you Schmoes?
Source: YouTube



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