Michael Bay releases new photos and video from The Last Knight set

Another Michael Bay movie, another movie about the magical world of fire, explosions, beautiful women and car crashes. His newest film, TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT is set to feature all four of those in spades. How do I know? Is it because it’s as predictable as what will happen to your body after too much Taco Bell? Yes, but also because recently a new video and some photos from the set have showcased all four quite gloriously—or gratuitously—depending on your mood.

Two photos from Bay’s account show pictures of bang, boom, fire and *insert grinding metal-on-metal sound*. Additionally, a video from the Instagram account of the film shows actress Isabela Moner playfully sliding down a bus in what I can imagine will end up being a scene with a giant alien robot shaking the bus like a pepper shaker. Check them out below!


Surfs up, @isabelamoner! #transformers

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Me in the white. Creating some wicked action. In 116 degrees.#transformers

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Fourth of July people! #transformers

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It seems Bay is kicking up his lust for carnage to 11 and, if Moner is any evidence, it's infecting the rest of the cast and crew. As long as they're having fun it's alright, I suppose. Just as long as they're also focusing on storytelling and character development. Who am I kidding? Of course they are!

TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT is set to release June 23, 2017

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