New website images and character details from The Amazing Spider-Man

THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN official website posted an update recently with some character images and descriptions, which don't reveal much more than we already know, but are still of interest. We also have some details from director Marc Webb, involving the use of 3D and Peter Parker's "punk rock" qualities, which might actually change your mind about the film, depending on which side you're leaning. 

Check out the details and images below:

About the tone of the film:

"There is betrayal, there is tragedy, but there’s also humor and romance. So it’s a very complex bouquet of emotions, but what you have to tread on is what feels authentic and what feels real, and you have to earn those different emotions. There are moments of furiousness and gravity, absolutely."

About Andrew Garfield's approach to Spider-Man's trademark humor:

"He used this term to describe Peter Parker in Spider-Man and Spider-Man in particular: he’s a trickster. He was like “How would Spider-Man web this guy? He’d give him a wedgy or he’d dos some awful graffiti.” There’s a punk rock quality to Peter Parker that’s really irreverent and fun and that’s something that Andrew embodies in a way that we haven’t seen before. Certainly the materials that have come out have a darker sentiment or there’s a darker projection, but we’re very keen on staying loyal to the humor of Spider-Man."

About the use of 3D in the film:

"I thought if there’s ever a movie that should be in 3D, it’s Spider-Man for crying out loud. And watching it in 3D, particularly in IMAX, even the early stuff I’ve seen, it’s fantastic. You get a visceral feeling that you don’t get any other way when you have good 3D.

We shot this all in stereo so it was native 3D. Nothing has been converted. And when you get that scope, the movie gradually expands. It starts off in a very intimate, small way and gradually expands to take advantage of that sensation. So do you have to see it in 3D? No, you’ll still get the thrill of it. But those point-of-view sequences, those came very directly from a philosophy about putting the audience in Spider-Man’s shoes. We wanted them to feel what he feels, and that’s where those sequences came from."

Extra Tidbit: Personally, I would rather have seen a "re-imagined" Green Goblin than a low-rate villain like The Lizard for The Amazing Spider-Man. Aside from that, what about Hobgoblin or Kraven the Hunter?



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