New trailer released for HBO's Westworld

I actually wasn't really looking forward to HBO's WESTWORLD initially. I mean, it had pedigree both in front of the camera (Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Thandie Newton, James Marsden) and behind (created by Jonathan Nolan and executive produced by J.J. Abrams), but the idea didn't scream "need to watch". I am not opposed to remakes, and have defended them before, but this one just seemed...dated?

But after this trailer, I'm officially on board:

I love it. It's dark, it's creepy, and it seems to be doing what good remakes do and take the original premise and find a new way to look at it. This one definitely seems to be going much darker and grittier than the original, and fleshing out the ideas more. I'm looking forward to it. 

What do you guys think? Any other 70s sci-fi that could use a modern make-over?

Extra Tidbit: The original WESTWORLD (1973) was the first feature-film to showcase CGI. It was utilized during Yul Brynner's POV scenes using raster graphics.
Source: YouTube



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