New Wild Things pics

After an extended period of heavy WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE turmoil and speculation on the web (Is the movie ever coming out? Is Spike Jonze being replaced? Is the kid actor being recast?), things finally calmed down a bit and lately it's been kinda quiet on the WTWTA front. Throughout all the controversy though, Jonze never really opened up at all except through a carefully worded statement. Now though we have our first extended interview with Jonze about the film as well as two new pictures. It's a long interview that spans a lot of topics but I think this quote from Jonze pretty much sums up the entire ordeal:

In the end [Warner Bros.] realized the movie is what it is, and there’s no real way to... it’s sort of like they were expecting a boy and I gave birth to a girl. So they just needed their time to sort that out and figure out how they were going to learn to love their new daughter.

Jonze isn't one to normally open up this much about the process so for that reason alone, you should go check it out. Click on the pic below to head to AICN to read the whole thing.

Extra Tidbit: The answers to those questions above are obviously yes, no and no, respectively.
Source: AICN



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