New WWII flashback clip and Yukio featurette from The Wolverine

The Wolverine

I'd like to think that my fellow news editors and I aren't overly negative about the films we cover. Sure we might crap on GROWN UPS 2 or movies from the TWILIGHT series, but for the most part we don't actually enjoy seeing films fail. However, if there are some red flags or we aren't too thrilled about how it looks we're going to say something. There's a big difference between blindly disliking a film before it even comes out "just because" and voicing valid concerns.

I have valid concerns for THE WOLVERINE. The action in particular looks kind of bland and long ago I stopped believing that this would be the "definitive" Wolverine movie. Maybe it'll still be an enjoyable film, but I'm not expecting THE WOLVERINE to blow me away.

MSN has a new clip from THE WOLVERINE and it's the scene from the trailers of Logan saving the life of a Japanese soldier. It's probably the best clip I've seen from the film so far and Logan doesn't even pop his claws in it. Is that a good sign or bad?

IGN also has a new featurette for THE WOLVERINE. While the previous featurette focused on the titular character, this one is all about Yukio, played by Rila Fukushima. I have to admit, it really bugs me when Yukio tells Wolverine to consider her "his bodyguard." Healing factor or not, Wolverine should NOT, I repeat, NOT need a f*cking bodyguard.

THE WOLVERINE hits theaters on July 26th, 2013. Will you be there?

Extra Tidbit: Do you think there's any chance we'll ever get an R-rated movie about Wolverine?
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