New York City Comic Con 2015 Wrap Up and walkthrough video

New York City Comic Con 2015 has come to pass, and with that many who attended this year's event are left recuperating from the weekend's events. Atendees who only partied at the show for only a day are more than likely bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, by now. Those of us who tirelessly stalked its crowded halls for all 4 days ... well, let's just say that I think this photo of Garfield sums it up quite nicely. Nevertheless, we who were there to represent Joblo.com had a total blast! In fact, we'd like to take the opportunity right now for you to walk the main hall with us, and see what we can see! From the estimated 176,000 attendees to the cosplay, collectibles and carnage of the con, this year's show will go down in the books as being one of the biggest yet! Have you got your good sneakers on? Okay, let's roll!  

Extra Tidbit: Some of the best exhibits set-up during the weekend were the following: The Star Wars Battle Pod Arcade Block, the Jurrassic World Raptor Trainer Stations, Lego Knights Castle, Back to the Future Delorean with Marty and Doc Brown, and the many aisles of Artists' Alley, of course!
Source: joblo.com

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