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Because we can't possibly cover all the cool movie news out there, we've created "News, Shmews, Etc.", some quick links to movie news around the web we hope you'll enjoy. Pictures are clickable.

OLD DOGS OLD DOGS trailer with John Travolta & Robin Williams [JoBlo Video]

Diane Lane Diane Lane will star in racehorse movie SECRETARIAT [Variety]

Megan Fox Megan Fox talks about her kick ass prostitute role in JONAH HEX [Splash Page]

TERMINATOR SALVATION Terminator vision in T4 is what real life Terminators will have [Fast Company]

BLOOD: THE LAST VAMPIRE BLOOD: THE LAST VAMPIRE update with new pics and site info [AITH]

Heidi Montag Heidi Montag will finally put her hot ass to good use by posing for Playboy [NYDN]

Roger Friedman You know who fired Roger Friedman from Fox News? Xenu did [NYDN]

Denzel Washington, Will Smith Are Denzel Washington and Will Smith working on a comedy? [MTV]

Jessica Alba Jessica Alba adds criminal to her repertoire but she's totally sorry [TMZ]

ICE AGE Fourth ICE AGE will be set in modern day so, um, great [AICN]

Katherine McPhee, Tyra Greatest moments in celebrity boob grabbing history [Manofest]

BEING PINOCCHIO BEING PINOCCHIO is haunting…and awesome [YouTube]

Amy Poehler Amy Poehler will be a superhero Lunch Lady in an upcoming film [THR]

THE ZOMBIE CHRIST THE ZOMBIE CHRIST here to save your soul…then eat it [Vimeo]

Brittany Murphy Brittany Murphy has signed on to star in horror thriller SOMETHING WICKED [THR]

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