Next Bond girl?

I know that you guys hate it when I do this, but I have to say that I didn't really like CASINO ROYALE. Sorry, but I gotsta keep it real. That said though, I do look forward to the next BOND flick, just because it's a BOND flick; you get some sweet action, some gadget and some titties. And the latest rumor on the mill is that those titties are gonna be the ones found on Aussie actress Abbie Cornish. I've seen a couple of her flicks and liked them, but mostly I've been hearing about her because of her rumored affair with Ryan Phillippe.

This particular rumor springs from MTV reporting that Cornish's pal Rose Byrne (SUNSHINE) let slip during a recent interview that "I think Abbie Cornish's got it." Personally, I'm glad Byrne didn't get it because I hate seeing her hook up with anyone on film since she's rocking an amazing innocent girl look and that kinda thing rocks my boat. Cornish, though? Yeah I guess I can make my peace with it. She ain't unattractive. She's no Reese Witherspoon though!

The last we heard, Carice Van Houten, Cornish and Byrne herself were the names being mentioned as possible BOND girls.
Extra Tidbit: You can see Cornish next, opposite Cate Blanchett in THE GOLDEN AGE.
Source: MTV



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