Next for Danny Boyle

Boyle is smiling a lot more since February '09, isn't he?

I know what you've absolutely all been asking yourselves upon waking up this fine morning: What's Danny Boyle been up to lately? Let me put your mind at ease: it's not MY FAIR LADY with Keira "Period Drama" Knightley, that one "sadly" fell through. *cough*

In a quick Q&A with Digital Spy, the director touched upon the slew of films he's rumored or attached to since his Oscar sweep with SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE, mainly that the TRAINSPOTTING sequel still isn't any close to happening, that Bond won't require his service although I'd pay twice the IMAX fee to see that, and his return to Mumbai called MAXIMUM CITY is going forth but not right away. Oh, and he says 28 MONTHS LATER is still a possibility for him in the future. Cool, right?

So what's the very next one then? "I can't quite tell you about it because it's not quite all signed, sealed and sorted out legal-wise" Boyle confessed. "It's based on a true story so there were complications to do with rights, that kind of stuff. We're close to solving it and hope to be shooting in March next year."

Rumor around town, going back to a few months now, is that the project in question is about Aron Ralston, the mountain climber who had to amputate himself of an arm when trapped under a boulder for 5 days. Here's his own account of it, if you're into grizzly details. The front runner for that role is apparently the very cool Ryan Gossling who may FINALLY get the Oscar-worthy role he deserves. Who's in agreement with that casting?

Extra Tidbit: I wonder if things ever patched up between Boyle and Ewan McGregor. They fell off over Leo DiCaprio being cast in THE BEACH instead of Ewan, but really, I'd be happy to have been left out of that one...
Source: Digital Spy



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