Next for Zach?

With THE HANGOVER grossing over $200 million at the box-office and many people saying he's the breakout star, you might have thought that Zach Galifianakis would already have signed a few high-profile deals (after all, it didn't take long for Bradley Cooper to snatch up a starring role in A-TEAM). But Galifianakis has been taking his time and has narrowed his next project down to three films: DUE DATE, SAY UNCLE and MAN-WITCH. Not surprisingly two of those projects, DUE DATE and MAN-WITCH, could reunite Zach with HANGOVER director Todd Phillips.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, DUE DATE is a HANGOVER-esque comedy about a slacker and a businessman on a road trip together (somehow a pregnancy fits into the mix) while MAN-WITCH would have Galifianakis filling in for the departed Jack Black in a comedy about a man who enrolls in a school for teen witches. No details yet on what SAY UNCLE is about.

Phillips has been working hard on getting MAN-WITCH going for a few years now and working even harder to make sure it didn't completely disintegrate once Black left the project. But Galifianakis hasn't made a final choice yet so we'll have to wait and see...

Extra Tidbit: Zach can be seen next in the Jerry Bruckheimer kids flick G-FORCE.
Source: THR



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